Friday, May 23, 2008

Grandma's a Happy Packrat

Saving things for long periods of time is one of the traits I believe I inherited from the women on my mother's side of the family. I have extreme difficulty disposing of items that were given to me by someone special or that I purchased for a particular purpose, even though they aren't useful to me at the time.

I remember going into my great-grandmother's house with my grandmother and my mother to help clear out stacks of books and magazines she had collected. I also remember my great-grandmother (pictured above -Mother 1950) giving us "down the country". This scene was repeated almost verbatim with the next generation. These days every time I go to visit my mother and see the things she has stored away, I come home and haul at least one load of my collection to the DAR Thrift Shop at Tamassee. You see, I really don't want the cycle to repeat itself, but I'm afraid it's in our blood. I am fairly certain that one day Jenny and Suzi will come to my house and carry off all my treasures to some charity or other. But just for today I'm a happy packrat. I managed to save a couple of things that turned out to be useful and bring joy to myself and others.
When Jenny was born almost 24 years ago I had definite ideas about the highchair I must have for her. It was white, had a large tray and stood on a pedestal with wheels. It was easy to clean . . . I could take it outside and hose it down if need be. I loved that highchair, so when she outgrew it I had my DH put it in the attic. Several people had babies and a few times I was tempted to share it, but I held fast to the hope that one day I'd have a grandchild who would use that chair. Now our little Suzi sits in her mother's chair. It's just like new and Suzi uses it often.

On Christmas morning 1985 Jenny was excited about the Cabbage Patch Train Santa brought her. She rode it, pushed it, stashed everything from toys to snacks and sippy cups in the compartment seat and thoroughly enjoyed it. She outgrew it and it hung in from a rafter in the basement for over twenty years.

Today we brought out the old Cabbage Patch Train, washed it up and gave it to Suzi who rode it, pushed it and put toys in the seat compartment. I'll have to check carefully to be sure goldfish crackers and sippy cups aren't left inside next time she visits.

There are a few other things I've packed away in the attic and around that Suzi might like later. I still have my child-sized roll top desk complete with pigeon holes and lots of drawers, my own highchair that converts to a table and seat . . . oh, there's no telling what treasures might be found in this old packrat's hidey holes.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

All Things Bright and Beautiful

One morning last week I was up early checking my email and happened to glance outside. I decided to try and capture this sunrise from our deck. The picture isn't bad, but the real thing was positively gorgeous.

Several weeks ago when my sister-in-law was here for a visit, we took a trip to the South Carolina Botanical Gardens. We took Suzi along as she loves to visit the duck pond. The azaleas were in full bloom. Our favorite was the Piedmont Azalea pictured below.
This bloom was another that caught our eye . . .
While I'm on the subject of blooms I must slip in this special one - a an indoor variety of Iris that was given to me by my sister-in-law. Our sun room must be the perfect environment for it as it has bloomed several times and looks as if it may bloom again soon.
We had a fun-filled visit to the gardens. After all the fun Suzi fell sound asleep in her stroller.The rest of us would have loved to be in Suzi's place as we plodded back up the hill to head home.
Until next time . . . .