Saturday, September 27, 2008

Suzi's Eye - eeeees

Suzi has become fascinated with glasses. I used to laugh at my grandmother for having a drawer full of glasses for reading, sewing, etc. Now I'm probably even worse than she was. I have reading glasses here, there and yonder throughout the house. Suzi finds them and brings them to me telling me to put on my "eye - eeeees". One of her cousins gave her some pretend glasses as part of her birthday gift and she loves wearing them.
They make her feel so intelligent!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nothing Can Go To Waste . . . .Not Even Crabapples!

These are the crabapples on the tree in our backyard. I had been complaining because they are too small to use to make jelly. That was before a friend gave me a bag of crabapples. I certainly couldn't let them go to waste!

Thank goodness for Jenny! She came over Saturday afternoon to help. Jenny decided it made more sense to sit than to stand all afternoon. I usually don't sit, but I must admit it was a good idea. We sat to pick through and remove the blossom ends from the crabapples.

Then we washed, and washed, and washed before boiling the crabapples and squeezing the juice out.

We ended up with 25 half pint jars of tart-sweet jelly.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where do babies come from? The Cabbage Patch, of course!

Jenny always loved her baby dolls, so it's not surprising that Suzi is following in her mom's footsteps. We took Suzi and her parents to The Cabbage Patch in Cleveland, GA. on Sunday. Cleveland is only about 70 miles from Clemson, making it a nice day trip. Suzi insisted on carrying her baby with her. The baby had to have a visitor's pass. You can see the sticker on her back.

It was such fun watching Suzi try to take in everything she saw.
We could hardly contain her. She wanted to go-go
on her own and explore the whole place.

Each room or area had a theme. Here we are in the school room.
In addition to the bus there was a playground, classroom and cafeteria.

Suzi liked Santa's glasses. She calls everyone's glasses "eyes".

Suzi and her dad checked out some of the
Cabbage Patch Kids in the Christmas area.

She pointed out the noses, eyes, ears and
mouths on the "kids" sitting by the fence.

Then she went shopping! Here she has two Bunny Bees - they're
the ones who sprinkle crystals in the Cabbage Patch to
determine which babies are boys and which are girls.
Bet you didn't know that!

She chose a girl with big green eyes and a tuft of light brown hair.
Once she selected the prefect baby, she was ready to go-go.
She carried it to the check out all by herself.

Grandpa met her there to take care of the paperwork.

She loved her new baby all the way home.

Welcome home Shayla Harmon.

I'm sure there will be more trips to the Cabbage Patch for us. Suzi wasn't at all interested in seeing the action when one of the cabbages had a delivery. I video taped it for her, but she'll want to see it for herself one of these days.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy Morning at Grandma and Grandpa's

Right after breakfast Suzi chooses a book.

One of her favorites is Grandpa's Little One by Billy Crystal. The illustrations are gorgeous.
She's getting to be quite the little climber.
Over and up!
She loves to find pictures of butterflies and animals on her Picture Play Quilt.
She loves to help Grandma clean with the Swivel Sweeper.
That's just the morning. We'll do the afternoon later.