Friday, February 13, 2009

What Suzi Said . . . to Grandma and Grandpa

One day last week we took Suzi to Ashley Dearing Park for a little while. She was having a great time on the swing and all the climbing toys that she really wasn't ready to leave.

When we finally insisted that it was time to leave the park, she definitely didn't agree. When Grandpa put her in her car seat she wasn't exactly happy about it. See what I mean?
She arched her back and pushed her tummy out so that he could hardly fasten her into her car seat. I just had to ask, "Young lady, What do you think you're doing?" And she gave me a very honest answer, "I pitch a fit!" For what good it did her, she really did pitch one. But Grandpa and Grandma proceeded to latch her in - fit or no fit. She was asleep in her car seat before we had been a mile. She has a lot to learn . . . . .