Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grandma's Little Helper

It has been so cold this week that Suzi, Grandpa and I have spent a lot of time at home. She and Grandpa have played with the barnyard, and her orange and purple "feet"ball and enjoyed watching her new "Winnie the Pooh" movie. She told me she wanted to "clean-up" and did a great job on the kitchen floor with the Swivel Sweeper. We baked oatmeal-raisin cookies using the recipe inside the lid of the Quaker Oatmeal box, adding mini M&Ms to part of the batch for Suzi to take home as a treat for her mama. Jenny enjoys her chocolate as much as Suzi loves enjoys cooking. She wears the little apron I made for her with Sesame Street characters on it - fusses when she needs to take it off.

Jenny told me the other day that while reading up on child development she had found that most children Suzi's age have a vocabulary of around 50 words. I started a list of the words Suzi uses and so far there are way over 100. She uses sentences like: "I don't like that!", "I've got it!" and "Get that out now." She'll tell you in a skinny minute exactly what she wants to eat - anything from French toast to waffles, pancakes, eggs, yogurt, apple, banana, chicken, donuts, "choc-lit" and, of course, macaroni and cheese. Her drink of choice is iced tea which (don't panic, Jenny) she only gets when we go out to eat. She has no trouble expressing her opinion . . . .wonder where she gets that?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Breaking in New Toys

Suzi, Grandpa and I have enjoyed breaking in
some of her Christmas toys this week. She has
enjoyed the big cardboard blocks (made in the
USA by Melissa and Doug Toys).

How on earth am I supposed to teach
her to cook when Grandpa is teaching
her to beat rhythms on her new bowls
with the measuring spoons? Maybe
we're helping to raise a future
percussionist . . . .

Suzi and I took our weekly trip to the library
on Thursday for storyhour. We went early so
that she could try out some new puzzles before
the songs and stories started. Then she did
her art project. Suzi always takes her art project
very seriously. She's learning to name the colors
and trying hard to get the right grip on that crayon.
She's in the scribbling stage, but loves to use all
the colors.

Today we gave her a chalkboard (also a Melissa
and Doug toy made in the USA)for the first
time. She is already teaching her baby.
Boy, do I wish I had a video of the conversation!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Suzi Had a Wonderful Christmas

The postman brought her packages.
She made a stocking during story hour at the library.

She opened gifts.

Santa brought her a big red wagon.

She and her cousin Olivia posed for a picture together.

Then they opened more gifts.

Suzi sampled the M&M's while we made gingerbread men.

She ate some and shared some with her mom and dad.
Hopefully I will be a better blogger in the new year. One thing is for sure . . . Suzi and I will be busy. There will be lots to share.